ISO 9000, is an international system in which Quality Standards have become the international benchmark for identifying quality run organizations.

Compliance with ISO 9000 identifies to the world marketplace a company that adheres to recognizable standards of quality. An ISO 9000 certificates declares to the global economic community that a registered company can be trusted to provide quality goods and services because an objective third party auditor has independently verified that its quality system upholds certain specified standards recognized by over 100 countries.

The International Oraganization for Standardization (ISO), the Geneva-based headquarters for developing among our colleageus in the pharmaceutical industry. The company will be a better equiped in its thrust towards the global market.

Planning for ISO 9002 started in October, 1996 with a commitment from Management to support the project in whatever way needed to bring the company’s vision and mission in reality.

Orientation Seminar were given by Reynaldo D. Dizon, executive Vice-President of Lloyd in his capacity as management representative. Team effort was evident in all ISO related activities.

The Office of the Regulatory Affairs was created with Roeva Therese B. Camus designated as Officer, An Internal Audit Team from all departments monitored compliance to systems. The Quality Manager, Esther E. Velarde orchestrated all activities relative to the project.

Finally in Nov. 9 & 10, 1998 Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIPI) an accredited certifying body approved by TGE Bureau of Product Standards and representing Certification International of UK; conducted the final audit of Lloyd Lab. Inc. Quality systems compliance to ISO-9002. After a decisive verification process; Lloyd Laboratories, Inc. achieved its crowning glory as it celebrated its 9th year anniversary last December 17, 1998 by ……. BEING ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED.

With our ISO 9001 seal of excellence confirmed… Quality Has Become Our Way of Life

In no other industry is quality more of an absolute requirement than in pharmaceuticals, because it translate into human lives. That is the way we at Lloyd Laboratories, Inc. place a premium on our ISO 9001 recognition and confirmation.

Recognition in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing It means that our commitment to excellence has not wavered nor diminished.

Our products are made with the highest quality standards; our work force are highly skilled and provides the best services.

This Certificate of Registration to ISO 9001 ensures our continuing concern for quality. For in Lloyd Laboratories, Inc.. quality has become a way of life.